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Thanks for Joining! 400 Supporters Have Signed Up Already

Thank you for supporting our efforts. Our strength will be in our numbers. Please share with your friends and neighbors and encourage them to support us as well.

Three of our committee members met with representatives of Pulte and SCF HOA board. We shared our concerns with them. The consensus of our group was that they just want us to go away.

They said the reason another golf course would not be built was because no water was available. When the City of Buckeye water department was contacted they said that was not the case. A plan needs to be submitted to make that determination. They also said the City has been trying for years to get the community reduce the amount of water used in our common areas and the golf course.

Our goal is to get Pulte to take us seriously, come to the table and listen to our concerns that we have identified on our website.

To that end, we will be filing a grievance against Pulte for failing to protect homeowners quality of life and collective interests when they submitted a Preliminary Plat to build traditional family homes west of the fire station. If this is completed our community will be a thoroughfare for Foothills residents. Pulte promised to protect our lifestyle in the CC&Rs of Sun City Festival Article XII, Paragraph 12.1

The committee feels that Pulte may have violated certain consumer protection laws for false advertising when they stated on, promotional materials, that there would be 36 or 45 holes of golf, when they knew three years ago they did not intend to building another course. We have yet to decide on what if any action can be taken.

We have had preliminary a discussion with an attorney to advise legality of any actions we may decide to take.

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