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Updated: Jan 7, 2022

January 7, 2022

To date we have 600 supporters that have signed up on our website. Our strength will be in our numbers. We encourage you to continue to inform your friends and neighbors to visit our website and support us.

We have received many inquiries asking if we intend to sue Pulte. NO! If we consult with an attorney it will be for guidance on our process only.

In our efforts to gather information that will help us in our process we have had meetings with several City of Buckeye staff in Planning, Water Resource Management and Transportation. City staff are professional, informative and helpful.

In late December one of our committee members filed a grievance with Pulte for their failure to protect our quality of life and collective interests when they decided to build additional Foothills homes in an area designated for Sun City Festival.

Today a Consumer Complaint was filed by Concerned Residents of Sun City Festival with the Attorney General of Arizona. The complaint states that Pulte has been advertising 36 and 45 holes of golf as recently as November 2021, when they knew three years ago they were not going to build any more than our current 27 holes.

The committee intends to use our rights of free speech to inform the public of actions recently taken by Pulte that we believe are detrimental to the lifestyle we envisioned when we bought our homes in Sun City Festival.

Pulte's plan is to have a Buckeye library built in an area near the fire station. We want a library, but the proposed location is a problem because the library will serve all existing homes currently in this area plus new homes in the Douglas Ranch and other future communities. This will create significant traffic in our neighborhoods. We will propose to the Buckeye Library Advisory Board a location on or near Sun Valley Parkway.

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