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Concerned Residents of SCF update Week of 4/3/2022

  • Thank you for your support, picketing is getting the word out to our residents.

  • We will be picketing the Pulte Sales office this week between 11:00am and 1:00pm on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. In order to streamline the picketing volunteer process, we are using a website called “SignUp Genius”. This link is also available on our website.


FYI - Creating a login on Signup Genius is optional. If you create a login with user name and password, the system will store your email and phone information and enter that information automatically every time you volunteer. If you don't create a login, you can enter your information each time you volunteer.


Click here: Signup to Picket

or copy this URL to your browser:

  • This is a critical time for our effort to hold Pulte accountable for its deceptive marketing practices. We are in the process of submitting many Consumer Complaints from many home owners to the AZ Attorney General's Office. We are developing a process to allow people who feel they have been misled by false advertising to submit a Consumer Compliant. Stay tuned to your email and to the web site for more information this week.

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