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Concerned Residents of SCF update Week of 3/27/2022

  • We will be picketing the Pulte Sales office this week in two shifts 11:00am and 1:00pm on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. In order to streamline the picketing volunteer process, we are using a website called “SignUpGenius”. This link is also available on our website.

Click here: Signup to Picket

or copy this URL to your browser:

  • We are looking for home owners to file additional complaints with the AZ Attorney General to report consumer fraud and false advertising. Please contact April Hurlbert at 253-370-2733 for more information.

  • We are continuing our efforts in working with our complaint with the AZ Attorney General. If you are in possession of any brochures or sales flyers that were given to you in helping your decision to purchase a new Del Web home here in Sun City Festival that proposed or promised additional amenities, please contact April Hurlbert at 253-370-2733.

  • Members of the committee met with the Buckeye City Mayor Eric Orsborn and Buckeye City Council Member Patrick HagEstad. The meeting was informational, all parties exchanged ideas and perspectives.

  • A letter was sent to Pulte Headquarters in Atlanta GA. The letter explained our complaint and requested a reply.

Thank you for all the positive feedback and your continued suppor Concerned Citizens of SCF Website:

Email Address:

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