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Concerned Residents of SCF Update 03/20/2022

Week of 3/13/2022

We had a successful week picketing. Many SCF residents show support by waving or thumbs up.

  • In order to streamline the picketing volunteer process, we are employing a new sign-up process using a website called “SignUpGenius”. Volunteers will be provided a link (see below) to the SignUpGenius website where they can choose multiple date and time slots. This link is also available on our website.

Click here: Signup to Picket

or URL to copy to your browser:

  • We had a report our picture was used in a Florida TV broadcast where Pulte (Del Webb) is building a community. The broadcaster asked the question will this happen there too.

  • We are continuing our efforts in working with the AZ Attorney General. If you are in possession of any brochures or sales flyers that were given to you in helping your decision to purchase a new Del Web home here in Sun City Festival that proposed or promised additional amenities, please contact April Hurlbert at 253-370-2733.

  • We need several people who have purchased new homes in the past four years to either provide written information that they were given or will write up information the sales staff shared regarding additional amenities such as golf, recreation centers, etc. We will share this info w the Attorney Generals office as we continue to strengthen our position and hopefully get the AG to act on our behalf.

Thank you for all the positive feed back and your continued support.

Concerned Citizens of SCF


Email Address:

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