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Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Concerned Citizens of Sun City Festival,

Our effort to bring attention to our concerns by picketing the Pulte Sales office has been going well. As a result, a reporter from The Arizona Republic newspaper reporter visited our picketers and has written an article about our concerns. Below is a link to the article.

(azcentral is the digital version of The Arizona Republic)

azcentral Sun City Festival Concerned Residents Article

[Only subscribers to (the digital version of The Arizona Republic) can view the article. The paper has a special today for $1 a month for the first 6 months, then ~$15 a month after 6 months.]

Thank you for your support


Tomorrow picketing starts at 11:30. There will be a reporter from the Arizona Republic present to observe and gather information for an article. She has already done a significant amount of background work for her story. Stop by and show your support. Picketing will continue through this weekend.

Our next media effort will be to contact investigative reporters from local affiliates of the major networks, such as "Ask Joe" onthe local ABC affiliate. Any ideas for media coverage or connections would be helpful to the committee. Please show your ideas or connections as a comment to this post, and provide your contact info.

Pulte has filed a response to the AG complaint filed by our committee chair Dick Deal. The response said that Mr. Deal was not affected by false advertising because he bought his home as a resale, and Pulte did nothing wrong. Dick contacted the AG's office and asked if we could submit additional evidence of the misrepresentation. The initial response was that no additional information could be provided. We will try to cure the initial filing deficiencies, allowing us to present additional information from our supporters. We have until March 10th to respond.

We have also set up a consultation with an attorney who specializes in consumer fraud and real estate issues. The consultation is 30 minutes and will take place on March 15th. Before the consultation it would be helpful to have as many residents as possible who purchased their home from 2018 thru 2021 provide any advertising material to the committee that says SCF would have 36 or 45 holes of golf. Please bring the material to picketing this Thursday thru Sunday. Please identify on the material the date of purchase, address of home and contact info for the resident. The more evidence the better, thanks. We hope to be able to effectively file an AG complaint with several complainants if our initial complaint goes nowhere.

I would like to answer some of the responses to the blog posts. Somebody on the committee reads every response.

A resident asked about SCF amenities compared to other retirement communities. At Tuesday's meeting we presented the comparison of SCF golf courses to homes for other 55+ communities. Typical 55+ communities have one golf course for 2,500 homes. Our ratio is one course per 4,800 homes (based on 7,200 homes at build out and 1.5 courses). The committee members present detected a bit of a surprise from Mr. Bitteker. But he did not get off his position that there would be no more golf holes.

There were a few questions related to Foothills. We have had discussions with the planning department in Buckeye. They stated that this is Pulte's land, and as long as they follow building codes, they can do what they want. There was another question about Pulte acquiring the land north of the canal to build additional Foothills homes. We asked Richard Lopez about that land in our first meeting, and he said Pulte cannot get access to that land.

There have been a few responses that suggest we should have open meetings. We have eight members on the committee, and we have eight ideas on every issue we discuss. If we thought having an open meeting would be productive, we would have one. We communicate our strategies via our blog posts. All the blog posts are available on the website. Any idea suggested in your response is considered.


Today three committee members met with Trey Bitteker, Vice President of Operations, Arizona Division for Pulte Group and Richard Lopez.

We presented our case regarding access to amenities, access to golf and selling traditional family homes in our area. We also told him we have 1,100 supporters in the community.

Mr. Bitteker was open to hearing about our issues, but said that there are no plans to build any additional amenities or another 18 hole golf course and that the family homes will be going in our community.

If you would like to share your concern with Mr. Bittiker you may email him at

Our committee is having a meeting tomorrow to discuss our next steps. We will update you after the meeting to keep you informed of our plans.

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