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Welcome back Concerned Residents of SCF. We hope all had a great summer. Most committee members have returned and are eager to re-engage in making SCF a better community.

Efforts the Concerned Residents of SCF committee are engaged:

Golf Course Expansion - Pulte Homes has promised for years to build 36-45 holes of golf for our community. SCF currently has 27 holes of golf. They currently have stated no more golf course holes will be built. Their reasoning is the marketing materials state only proposed (not promised) new golf holes will be built. At this time most tee times are taken within 30 seconds of when they become available each day for the following week.

The committee has asked the Attorney Generals office via public disclosure request for copies of the consumer complaints residents have filed. To date that request is pending. When committee members ask the AG’s office if there will be additional action taken by the AG against Pulte Homes, they state they are well aware of residents consumer complaints but cannot share if action will be taken. As we hear more we will keep everyone informed.

A member of the committee spoke at the SCF Quarterly Town Hall meeting recently regarding lack of response from Pulte and received applause from the people attending.

Location of Area Library - Members of the committee attended a meeting during the week of Oct 17th, 2022 regarding the location of a new library for the area. A study has been commissioned to establish the best location for the library for the area as a whole. Pulte has offered land for the library in SCF on the north end of Desert Oasis Blvd. There is discussion regarding how appropriate this location is if it truly will be a regional library.

Recreational Centers - The committee is concerned the current recreation centers will be overrun by the time SCF is fully built out. Of the approximate 7,000 homes expected to be built in SCF, less than 4,000 have been built and sold.

Pulte Homes has proposed three recreation centers at buildout. Renaming the Senita Center as Senita Recreation Center to now say we have three recreation centers is laughable and not acceptable. We will continue to work to hold Pulte Homes accountable for a complete Recreation Center as they have proposed since 2006.

Thank you for all the positive feedback and your continued support.

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People are getting responses back from Pulte Homes via the Attorney General. The typical response does not address the deceptive marketing that Pulte has used. If Pulte wasn’t concerned about their marketing why did they pull the information from prospective buyers packets regarding the “proposed” golf holes at buildout they were marketing through November 2021. It was only after Concerned Residents of Sun City Festival brought this issue to their attention that it was pulled from Packets.

We are asking everyone who got the initial response from Pulte to ask for an answer to the question of deceptive marketing that was not addressed in the initial response. Together we must be vigilant holding Pulte Homes accountable.

If anyone has a media contact or friend in the media that can help us get our message out to the greater public please let us know.


Concerned Residents of Sun City Festival

  • Thanks again to everyone who sent Consumer Complaints to the AZ Attorney General’s office. Those who sent complaints continue to receive responses from the AG's office.

  • The Concerned Residents of SCF committee encourages people to respond to the AG's office that the explanation Pulte has provided is inadequate. Pulte continued to advertise in marketing materials and sales presentations, 36-45 holes of golf at build out, when they knew in 2017 there would only be 27 holes. This issue is not addressed in Pulte's response to the AG's office.

Thank you for all the positive feedback and your continued support. This is a critical time for this effort, please continue to press the AZ Attorney General for answers.

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