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Mission Statement

To preserve and protect Sun City Festival residents' use and enjoyment of the lifestyle and amenities of a Del Webb 55+ active adult community and continue the development of our community to meet the needs of residents as originally proposed and stated by Pulte staff.

We are registered as a non-profit with the Arizona Corporation Commission and the IRS



Pulte has proposed changes to the initial plan presented to many residents by Pulte sales staff:

  • Two Troon-managed golf courses, reduced from 36 holes of golf to 27 holes of golf.

  • Pulte has not committed to building a third recreation center.

  • Pulte is planning to build 600 family homes west of the Public Safety building.  This will increase traffic through our retirement community and impact the quiet enjoyment we have come to expect.


Future access to amenities.

When SCF is fully built out, the number of homes will be approximately twice the current level.  Areas where access will be limited when build out is complete  includes but is not limited to:

  • Fitness centers

  • All areas of the craft center

  • Pickleball courts

  • Social clubs


Access to Golf

55+ communities in the Phoenix area have about 2,500 homes for each golf course.  With no plan to add additional holes SCF will a ratio of 4,800 homes per course. (We currently have 27 holes, which is 1.5 courses.) 

It is difficult now to get tee times. Imagine what it will be like as we add new residents.



Pulte's plan to put us in the middle.

When Pulte puts 600 new homes and a pool west of the Public Safety Building we will have significant cross-traffic. 

Foothills residents in the new area will be crossing through our neighborhoods to reach the school. Residents in the original area will be in our neighborhoods to get to the pool and library.

The cross-traffic created by this decision by Pulte will disrupt our right to the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of our community.

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Ron Buchanan, Rosemary Buchanan, Dick Deal, chair
Holly Gallinger, Karen Moorhead, Keith Moorhead
Craig Ross, Ron Schmitz


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